Au Vieux Campeur

Le Vieux & Catherine Destivelle: A shared mountain story!
As a Parisian, I’ve always been loyal to Le Vieux for my boots and equipment. That’s where it all started. Then I met Jacques Yves (editor’s note: Jacques-Yves de Rorthays, Chairman and CEO of Le Vieux Campeur), who has always supported me in my expeditions.

Le Vieux is an integral part of my universe, the world of mountains and climbing. It’s a must. It’s a story of the heart. Jacques-Yves has always been loyal and faithful, like me. I was approached by others, but I never thought of looking elsewhere. It was a promise, no need for a contract.

Making a living from my passion has been possible thanks to Le Vieux Campeur, just like Paris Match. Two essential partners in my career.

And you don’t just go to Le Vieux Campeur for a bit, you go for a whole afternoon. It’s like going to a museum or a sweet shop, pure and simple pleasure. That’s Au Vieux Campeur for me!

What was your subsequent history with the company?
A bit like a regular rendezvous with an old friend. Jacques-Yves and I would meet up at 48 rue des écoles and I’d eat with him at La Roma (a favourite pizzeria and friend of the De Rorthays family). Again on Saturday, I had a cheese omelette with him.

Le Vieux is also one of the only places where I agree to give signatures. Au Vieux Campeur comes first!

Any final words?
As the guardian of a solid partnership with Le Vieux and the driving force behind a number of innovative projects, Catherine continues to leave her mark on the history of mountaineering. From rocky peaks to editorial summits, she embodies the spirit of the mountains. From childhood memories to solitary exploits, every page of her life is a tale of daring. Au Vieux Campeur, witness and actor, faithful partner of this vertical epic is proud of her unique journey and her loyal commitment.


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